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The Park of La Veronza
This leafy area of Ribadavia is found on the edge of the river Avia. It is presently a gateway of communication between the main town and the neighbourhood of the train station.
It hosts the bridge of the Hierro del Ferrocarril with the park and there is a path by the river for approximately 1.5 km.
It is an ideal recreational area, especially in the summer when the young and not-so-young gather to enjoy the weather. In this huge garden there are swimming pools for both adults and children. You will be grateful for fresh breeze that comes from the river! Both walkers and strollers use the road to ramble through Ribadavia to the St Christoper and A Quinza, on both shores of the river.
paseo area recreativa  a veronza
The curve and the mouth of the Maquianes of the River Avia gives a very attractive photograph and in winter is especially beautiful. It is very close to the football ground of Ribadavia´s team, which is named Xestal.

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