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Festival of History
The present version of the Festival of History time of celebration in the town of Ribadavia.

The basic objectives of the History Party are to aid the recovery of the tradition and ancestral history that forms the history of Ribadavia and its environment.

The party enables us to know and to try occupations that are now forgotten, such as blacksmith, carpentry, traditional shoe-making, basket making and many more.
Responsibility for the organisation of the festival resides with the community.
The working criterion is based on rigorously maintaining the history of the town.
It is not permitted to circulate products that did not exist in the olden days, including plastic, etc.

The clothing is also very important!
The coordinator has three own stores where he keeps his possessions, such as handicrafts, hurdles for medieval tournaments.
There are more than 1000 costumes and clothing for guests who participate in the event and 500 banners that decorate the streets, the castle and places where the other activities such as the medieval supper, Jewish wedding, theatre etc.
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