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Photographic exhibition of Jose Ortiz Echagüe
From day 14 of February and to the 26 of March, we will be able to enjoy this exhibition in the Etnológico Museum, with the title "Women, types and stereotypes". Jose Ortiz Echagüe (Guadalajara 1986- Madrid 1980), was become fond of and enthusiastic photographer, considered a representing outstanding of the Spanish photographic pictorialismo. Whereas in his photographies he tries to leave shaped Spain without changes, traditional Spain, in his professional activity participated in the technological advances of the moment: he was founding of Aeronautical the Construcciones company (CASA) and director of the automobile company SEAT, where president in 1950 was named.
He is to on paper emphasize his technique to the direct coal Fresón with which he was able to smooth the contours and to emphasize the details, giving samples of unha great meticulosidad. The photographies that we contemplated have much of artisan, which is appraised in one first line of vision. The artistic intentionality is reflected in all the factors that conform the image: in the selection of the scene, in the composition or the creation of the picture. The photographies pertaining to the Spain series: types and suits, of which we expose only one small part here, were in origin 217 copies in paper. The sample that offers this traveling room is composed by 47 reproductions of the original ones. This photographer in 1936 collaborated in a special number that National Geographic dedicated to Spain, and two years later a selection of its works was exposed in the Spanish pavilion of the Exhibition the International of Paris. Previously, its production already received several international prizes with exhibitions in Turin (1928) and Berlin (1929).






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