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"It lives Ribadavia, enjoys Ribadavia "
The historic town of Ribadavia, originally named Floravia by the famous Galician poet Otero Pedrayo, has been central to both Spanish and Galician history; first for wine production before emerging as an important commercial centre over the centuries. Its old quarter has been recognised by the Spanish government as an area of cultural interest and with its churches of the Romantic, Gothic and Baroque periods, its convents of St Dominic and St Francis, the old bridge that

crosses the River Avia and its picturesque town square, everything in Ribadavia is artistic. The town enjoys many festivals and cultural activities, such as famous Galician Festival of the Wine of Ribeiro, Festival of History and the Mostra International Festival of Theatre.
Equally important is the is the week of festivities in honour of ´The Virgin of Portal´, the town´s patron saint. Later in your visit it is recommended that you taste the special wines of the Denomination of the Origin of Ribeiro, together with the celebrated ´rosquillas’; delicious cakes based on what was originally a Jewish recipe.
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