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The Castle of the Earls of Sarmiento
This castle was built in the middle of the XV century. It is said that the castle has connections with king Enrique II. Still preserved is an important stone cemetery from the IX - XII centuries, besides an excavated rock from the XVI and a vault from the XVII century. Without the castle’ battlements, its famous tower would have received little protection from attacking armies.
The main entrance consists of a semicircular archway and door that act as a shield to the Castle. It was abandoned in the XVII century when the earls of Ribadavia moved their residency to what is named the ´Palace of the Counts´. Situated in the town square, it established communication with the castle through a mutual door. From its high location it has a broad view of both the Avia and Miño rivers.
The majority of the main columns which decorated the interior of the castle are now destroyed.
In the castle’s courtyard, three of the five entrances remain, ‘la Puerta de la Cerca’ (the entrance to the castle), ‘la Puerta Nueva’ (the river exit) and ‘Puerta Falsa’ (which access to the town’s mill).
Inside the auditorium, the town celebrates the famous ‘Mostra International Festival of Theatre of Theatre’ in the month of July.




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