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Fair of the wine

Since more than 40 years of being celebrated in Ribadavia, the trade show is now a national tourist attraction. Thousands of people from all over Galicia and other regions come to Ribadavia to taste to taste our mouth watering wines.
In the Feria the elaboration and presentation of this great product of Ribeiro achieves a national profile. The wines of Ribeiro have fame and tradition and have formed a fundamental part of the region’s history and culture for the last millennium..

The Regulatory Advice of the Denomination of Ribadavia organises editions of ´Jornadas Técnicas´ (Workday Technique) which has details of free and educational wine tasting sessions to learn more about the wines.
The following are the awards were for the 41st edition of the Feria del Vino del Ribeiro:.. Fresh and light, they combine exquisite aromas of flowers and fruits and possess a unique personality that is completely different. The wines of the region are under the control of a regulatory council to ensure their quality. This council controls, regulates and supervises all the phases of production.

White wine: 1st Viña Amoriña Oro, of the Docampo cellar.
2nd Beade Primacía, of the Portela.
3rd Pazo Casanova, from the Pazo Casanova S.L.

2005 Top white wine cellar: 1st Lagar de Meréns, from José Meréns.
2nd Sameiras, from Antonio Cajide
3rd Casal de Armán, from Javier González.

2005 Red wine: 1st Bantiño, by the Barbaniño cellar.
2nd Viña do Campo of the Docampo cellar.
3rd Alén da Istoria of the Cooperative Vitivinícola of Ribeiro.

2005 Top red cellar: 1st Casal de Amán, of Javier González.
2nd Sameiras of Antonio Cajide
3rd Barazal of Elisa Collarte

These wines can be used to accompany any type of meal, though white is recommended for fish or sea dishes and red for meat.
More information is available from The Regulatory Advice of the Denomination of Ribadavia














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