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Choir of the Artistic Club
This club was founded in 1985 by D. Alfonso Salvatierra Mesa and is now run by D. Xavier Alvarez Iglesias. Its choral repertoire is extremely varied, with music from all times, styles and authors, such as sacral, polyphonic, Galician…etc.
The choir is an active member of the Galician Federation of Choirs and travels around our community, standing out amongst the many other
coro de camara en actuacion Iglesia de san franciscocoro de camara en actuacion Iglesia de san francisco
choirs that it performs with as a representative from the province of Ourense.
It belongs to the Federation and Circle of Galician Casinos and participates in concerts and exchanges throughout the territory and
is an annual member of the Festival of History. . It consists of 7 sopranos, 6 altos, 5 tenors and 5 basses and is accompanied by an organ. In 1999 and 2001 it was selected to participate in the Display of Galician Choirs.
1st prize and gol d medal in the year 2002 for performance of Vila de Marín.
1st prize and trophy in the year 2003 for performing Terras de Trives.
More information is available at their website:



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