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Harvest of the grapes
One of the older events of the Ribeiro county is harvest of the grapes for wine production. This lasts approximately 21 days, depending on the area and the quantity of grapes.
The regulating council stated that in 2005, for example, there were 102 cellars (35 industries) and some 6000 winegrowers and approximately 3,000 hectares dedicated to grape cultivation.
The annual production is around 19 million kilos of grapes.
The regulatory council exists to protect the production and is the first of its type in Spain.
Inscribed for the production of a total of six cellars.
In the case of the Cooperativa Vitvinicola do Ribeiro, there was a total of 12,000 kilos of grapes selected in 2005, dark brown grapes, an amount which can be used to create about 4,800 bottles (as around 1.5 kilos are required for a litre of wine).


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