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The Jewish neighbourhood of Ribadavia
The Jewish population established a community in the area in the eleventh century. In Ribadavia the Jewish population increased significantly during the XII and XIII centuries, peaking at around 1,500 inhabitants during the XV century and consituing approximately half the entire total of Ribadavia, according to the chronicles of Friossard. Initially, good relations were established with the Christian population, with both groups living harmoniously together despite the differences in their religions.
Indeed, in January 1386 when Ribadavia was siege by the Englishmen Sir Thomas Percy, the Jews joined with the other inhabitants to participate in the defence of Ribadavia and in the conflict lost large amounts of gold, silver and jewellery as well as having to partly abandon their section of the town.
The Jews continued to increase their numbers in Ribadavia during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, arriving and remaining to eventually form their own village and close community, known as the Jewish quarter. However, they began to be viewed with increased fear by the Christians and were made to suffer by the rest of the town. When on 30 March 1492 a nationwide degree of expulsion was passed by the Catholic monarchs of the country, Ferdinand and Isabella,
subida a praza maior de ribadavia

they were given four months to leave Spain and were not permitted to own gold, silver or currency in the meantime.
The majority of the Jews chose to embrace the Christian faith to allow them to remain in Galicia. Many were persecuted at the zealous inquisition in Santiago to test whether their faith was real and were financially ruined. According to the various cases in Ribadavia, these ´conversos´ only appeared Christian and in fact met each Saturday to lash an image of Jesus Christ being crucified, in ‘full knowledge’ of the biased inquisition. They then often had all their possessions confiscated by the inquisition.

soportales plaza madalena de ribadavia con sinagoga xudea
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soportales plaza madalena de ribadavia
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