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Ethnological Museum of Ribadavia
Also called the House of Foundation, is has had many distinct uses, for example before it was a college of the Brotherhood of the Maristas that gave classes by (founded in 1936).

It contains an important library bequeathed by private funds and various donations, amongst them one well-known and respected person in Ribadavia Jesús Sánchez Orriols, affectionately named “chucho”.

Other donated funds create the Abrente Cultural Group (providing library funds, documentary materials, geographic
museum, silk screen design and painting, one sculpture and 12 ceramic pieces).
Other donors include the Merúendano family (library funds, documentary, intercultural and professional activities).

Jesús Sánchez Orriols (library funds, documental graphic museum, audiovisual). D.M. Rubén García Álvarez (library funds and audiovisual).
The Library of the Ethnological Museum has monographic materials besides books.

exposicion de teatro no museo etnoloxico de ribadavia



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