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 History of Ribadavia
The word "abobriga" means population located in the margins or borders of the river abo (as they designated to the Avia). The words of abobriga and Ribadavia, they mean the same, although they sound of different form.
The Rippa word avie, with that it is designated to Ribadavia in documents of century XII, like the municipal law, one bula and also in others, it does not mean another thing that shores or borders of the Avia river, thus being suitable with the meaning of the old name and the present one, used in the average age, giving that one, Roman structure or latinizando it.
Rippa avie, also it was call Villa of the King (to live king Garci'a I during years 1065 to 1071). Once deceased D. Fernando I, King of Castile and Leon, it leaves distributed its states between all its children, adjudging to D. Garci'a I, Galicia, with the title of Kingdom. D. Garci'a I, it established its capital and it calls to account in ours villa de Ribadavia, like centric point of

states, making it capital Court capital of its kingdom, inhabiting a palace with extensive gardens that en existed el point they en the one that today is the Convent of Santo Domingo.The smaller doubt does not fit, that Ribadavia at least to a large extent and in its main body, one was based in the left border of the river, in where at the moment are the Convent and Church of San Francisco and district of the Station.


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