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Street Guide of Ribadavia
We start our journey in the centre of Ribadavia. The Palace of the Counts, the clock tower and the grand entrances epitomise the town’s urban generation and the splendour of the sixteenth century.
From here we can start an itinerary that includes the eight churches, four parishes and rest of the neighbourhood.
We start with Magdalene’s square and the cosy buildings that surround it.
There are also the romantic temples of Santiago and San Juan and the House of the Inquisition, with a singular Galician Celtic symbol on its front.
Straight from the walled town we can enjoy the beautiful sights from above the River Avia, the view being most privileged from the St Francis’s bridge, from where rises the Franciscan convent of San Antonio. Joining the city walls, we can find the castle of
street guide of Ribadavia

street guide of Ribadavia

Sarmiento and next to it the Gothic convent of Santo Domingo.
We can then enjoy a nice glass of wine in the town’s confectionary, whose taste is improved by the beautiful surroundings of this historic town.
To know Ribadavia intimately with details of both the town and its wines, you can participate in a guided tour organised by the tourist information office of Ribadavia, situated in the town square.


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