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Cafetería Amando  

This is located in the centre of Ribadavia. The hours of this vision planta superior cafeteria amandocafeteria are from 7am to 1am, without interruption.
It is very uniquely arranged, with the plants downstairs surrounded by huge stools and a window that looks out onto the street.
The other is a higher room with tables and chairs of many colours where you can sit and talk, and a favourite place of the younger clientele. There vision interior cafeteria amandoare various televisions as well.
You can listen to music, and drinks can be had with a variety of bar snacks, both hot and cold. Besides this you can enjoy a variety of main courses for very reasonable prices.
The café also has a shaded terrace which looks out onto the street.

Location   Rúa do Progreso nº 40   32400 Ribadavia
Telephone   +34 988 471 400
characteristics   The Conditionned Premises

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