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Vinoteca O Lagar  

Lvinoteca O Lagar vista lateralocated in the Greater Seat, the face opposed to the Rectoral, and next to the City council and of the Tourism and Information bureau.
This vinoteca has all type of wines, from the Ribeiros of the Earth, happening through the Alvariños more nvista lateral vinoteca O Lagarot knowing to the Ríojas most select.
It serves to cold thorns and dry fruits. It has two zones differentiated, the one around the bar with views towards the Greater Seat and street than low towards the Jewish district, and another one, in the opposite side, with music to chat thinking about the broths of the country.

Location   Merelles Caula, nº 1, corner greater seat.
Telephone   988 470 519
Characteristics   The Conditionned Premises

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