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Café Bar Morto  

vista del fondo de Café Bar O MortotIt is situated in the nerve-centre of Ribadavia, in the Rúa do Progreso.
It consists of three different parts, with an entrance section an immense glassware, a lower section and the main section where you can enjoy a reserved area and some quiet del fondo de Café Bar O Morto
Arranged with a great variety of hot and cold tapas and bar snacks as well as local wines, with other alcoholic and soft drinks.
It functions as a bar in the morning and a café in the afternoon, and in the evenings is a meeting place for many people to get to know the nights of Ribadavia.

Rúa do Progreso, nº 32
Telephone   +34 988 472 281
Characteristics   The Conditionned Premises

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