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Disco Pub Oracvulo  

Tbara de cocteleria his is located in a great area for drinking in Ribadavia. It plays great, atmospheric music. It is open as a disco at the weekend. From late in the night until 2.30am you will able to let yourself charmed by the calm and quiet music, accompanied by a big variety of cocktails.
Arranged with a large bar and vision barra principal con retablo disco pub oravloanother smaller one, which is especially for cocktails at the back/left.
A highlight is the altarpiece of its original wood, behind the bar and which now holds cocktails and bottle of alcohol.
It is a great place to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere with your friends on the weekend.

Location   Rúa dos Puldos, nº      32400 Ribadavia, Ourense
Caharacteristics   The Conditionned Premises

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