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Electricity. Plumbing, Felipe  

Empresa Company composed by professionals who count on a demonstrated experience, not stopping for that reason being a familiar company of direct treatment towards its clients. Its desire is to offer to the customer the most viable and simple option to have the its possible most comfortable house, as much in winter with heating as in summer with conditioned air.
It offers a customized study following criteria of location and characteristics of the home, number of inhabitants and habits of such. Giving options and advising on the type of more viable fuel and with criteria always based on the experience in the sector.
Characteristics of its services:

Domestic and industrial electricity: Radiators of low consumption, Heating by accumulation, musical Thread and illumination, Doormen and videoporteros, Lighting system of gardens.
Heating: Boilers of gas, gasohol, accumulation. Radiators of smel
ting, iron, aluminum. Heaters, etc. Maintenance of boilers and deposits.
Air conditioning: Conditioned air.
Plumbing: Facilities in copper, polyethylene, multicastrate, stainless steel, P.V.C., etc., repairs, faucets, complements of bath and stoneware.
In addition to filters and accessories of swimming pool

Location   C/ Otero Pedrayo nº 22 bajo, 32400 Ribadavia. Ourense
Telephone   +34 988 471 995 - Fax.988 477 195

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