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Granitos de Cortegada, S.A.  

Granites of Cortegada, began with this denomination in 1995, Edificio en el barrio del Couto en Ourenseonce acquired the company Ourensana de Granitos.
The works of this company mainly are based on ashlar masonry for buildings and chaléts, as well as all type of stonecutting.
They use all type of graníticos materials, although it is the granite of the country the most demanded by its clients.
And it is that besides to make works in all the orensana province, the company is present in works of cities like Towns, Madrid, Barcelona, as well as in countries like France and Germany.
Its technical department, always is arranged to advise t
Edificio en el  barrio de A Ponte en Ourenseo him care, helping to include/understand that to construct to him in stone it has become the most intelligent option, fast and profitable, demonstrating to him that it is the suitable material for the construction and rehabilitation of historical helmets and outer facades of buildings, as well as the paving in monumental zones.
All this comparing price-quality, personalizando each case and adapting it to each necessity and concrete budget.

Location   Valdepereira s/n. 32400 Ribadavia - Ourense
Telephone   +34 988 471 412- Fax.988 477 125

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