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Rural O Bacelo  

vista panoramica de arnoiaIn Outeiro Cross, in the City council of Arnoia, Camilo Perez Martinez it maintains the tradition vitivinícola of its father who dedicated itself during all his life to transform the grape into wine. As a result of this experience, plus the acquired knowledge, Perez Martinez elaborates white and red of very good quality, that she soon sells under Rural the trade name "do Bacelo".
He has a vineyard of 1.5 hectares, in which treixadura worksetiqueta botella bacelo with the varieties, torrontés and something of sherry, obtaining an annual production of 30,000 bottles, of which 75% are of viño white and rest 25% of red. The market of distribution of these broths is destined specially to the province of Pontevedra, and mainly to Vigo and Porriño, where it serves "Pazo de Goyanes", "You Magnolios" and to "the House Queen of MOS", among other famous restaurants.

Outeiro Cruz-O Bacelo- Arnoia - Ourense
telephone   + 34 988 492 884

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