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Bodega Elisa Collarte  

This wine cellar was formed in 1986 by Elisa Collarte Bernárdez. Imarcas comercializadas por Bodegas Barazalt utilises the diverse selection of earths in the Ribeiro region to for some of the best wines that the region has to offer. It possesses 4 hectares of vineyard itself and produces fresh, fruity wines which are light, dry, aromatic and of the highest quality.
It produces:
White wines, the colour of yellow straw and with the aroma of hay and fruits.
Red wines, the colour of brilliant red garnet and strong fruit aroma, with the personality of the region and cellar.
Cordón of San Andrés, which is straw coloured and has an intese aroma of apples and pineapples.
Although gifted with modern equipment, Adegas Barazal also conserves relics of older

32415 San Andrés - Ribadavia- Ourense
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