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Casal de Armán  

The family González Vázquez, proprietor of Adega Country place of Armán, is tie to the world of the wine from her origins. From 1865 in the first generation to fourth in years 90, leaving to the market under the label of colleiteiros.
instalaciones bodega Casal de ArmanTheir grapes are harvested by hand in their vineyards in their optimal point of maturation for their later one happens through lamesa of selection.
For white wines: Pressed of whole grape without stripping, with later desfangado. Pass of must to the steel tanks for his later fermentation with a temperature controlled between 15,5º and 17º. Periodic transfers and never bottled before May, for its later rest in bottle of a month.
For red wines: Stripped, it ferments and it macerates in contact with the peels to controlled temperature Maxima of 25º. It receives five overcome daily ones while the fermentation lasts. Once fact descube separates must yolk of the solid partbotellas Casal de Arman, with must yolk is elaborated our wine, putting it in clean in the deposits. They have 12 has. of vineyard planted in subcalcos in the valley of Avia in slopes of he himself of who their wines are nourished.
Castes white noble of the Ribeiro: treixadura, torrontes, albariño and godello.
Castes red: Brancellao, caiño and sousón. In them they have the perfect fusion between tradition and average the most modern ones, are born its three wines, each one of them with its own personality. Country place is the mark “of Arm” so much in target as in red, in which they overturn the best thing and more selected of his vineyard. Obtaining infinity of prizes there where one appears. Its other mark “Eira two Mouros”, even being a more modest wine as far as the chaste ones that composes it, is of equal way a worthy representative, being its mimada elaboration of equal way.

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