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Small house of paper  

habitacion matrimonio con vistar a rúa xuíz viñasThis is situated 100 meters from Ribadavia town square. This is the central tourist place and an excellent place for visitors in this town, the capital of Ribeiro.
Recently rehabilitated as tourist accommodation, it is made of the natural elements of wood and rock, with a salón estarnice area with 3 plants where you can meet and cook, a lounge, three rooms and bathroom.
With modern decorations and classical touches, it has a warm, restful and cozy atmosphere.
The house is very attractive and rich in culture in a very historical part of the town.

Rúa Xuíz Viñas, nº 4 -  32400 Ribadavia, Ourense

+34 988 472 192 -  636 968 847 e 667 375 106
web/prix   Capacity of six people. Price: 65 Euros night.

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