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The Palace of Ulloa  

The Palace of Ulloa Esposende is building an early fifteenth salón casa dos Ulloa - Esposende - ribadavia Ourensecentury and is located in the heart of the wine region of Ribeiro, on the banks of the Avia River, shortly before he dies in the Father Miño.

Currently The Palace of Ulloa Esposende consists of 5 double rooms available for rent. Each has a separate bathroom and all the tools necessary for their rest and comfort. The large living room has a television and excellent lighting.
Also you can enjoy a wonderful environment with a largeHabitación doble Casa dos Ulloa Esposende- Ribadavia- Ourense patio and garden.

Less than two kilometers:
• Outpatient medical, pharmacy, gas station, repair shop
• To Taxi, bus and rail station.
• Yacht Club, river beach, public swimming pool, etc..

The price for room for night is 55 euros, breakfast included. "Cradle free"

Road OU-211 km. 3,2 32415 - Esposende Ribadavia (Ourense)
Contact detials:   00 34 629 873 840 - 00 34 988 491 893
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