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piscinaSe vende Situated on a property of 2.000 m2, it is suitable to be dedicated to rural tourism and in stunning dwellings.
It has an enclosed house with restaurant, of 180m2 with a closed patio and stone masonry and another house which is very small and a perfect place to stay, with 2 bedrooms, bathroom, living room and pavista frontal casa en venta con piscina, en Quines Melón Ourensentry.
It also possesses central heating, hot water and chimney.
Outside, there is a garden with lawn, plants and vegetables, swimming pool, various fountains, pond, illumination, automatic irrigation and various other services, It is arranged with electricity, water supply and its own water spring.

In the village of Quins Melón Ourense, located 1.5 kilometers across the highway a-52, 26 kilometers from Ourense, 60 from Vigo and 6 from Ribadavia.
telephone/e-mail, 988 47 19 95 - 606 385 956
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