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Destilerías Xestal, S.L
B -32.186.645

This company of familiar character, was founded in 1925. The factory counts on its own distillery of brandies and bagasses, through its branch Licors de Partovia, S.L. It has two ships in Ribadavia, one for the complex process of distillation and another one to 100 meters, for the maceration, bottled elaboration and of the different products that commercialize. Among them we can emphasize the following ones: ÁAlquitara: Selection, flavor and quality.
Fruit of the union between best milk creams with the best brandies. "Cream of Orujo". "Licor Cafe '". "Licor de Hierbas". "Toasted Brandy". "Orujo with Honey". "Brandies of Orujo". Caseiro: Noble virtue. Fact with selected raw material in elaborated origin and with the Galician traditional prescription. "Toasting Came". "Licor Cafe '". "Licor de Hierbas". "Brandies of Orujo". ÓPipote: ... the one of always. "Brandy of Orujo". Brandy of all the life, with little graduation and thought to take single.

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