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It is a company dedicated to the technical advising of laboratoria de Catavinos en ribadaviawarehouses of different Denominations from Origin.
It collaborates in the control and the supervision of all the process of manufacture of the wine, from vendimia to the presentation of the end item.
It makes, in general, analysis of wines, etc. Through its department of consultancy it offers Laboratorio de Catavinos en Ribadaviadiverse solutions within the vitivinícola sector:
• Advising in creation of warehouses and vineyards.
• technical Advising to warehouses in elaboration.
• Improvement and optimization of its processes and facilities. For it they count on a qualified equipment with formation and experience in the vitivinícola sector.

San Francisco, nº 12 baixo- 32400 Ribadavia-Ourense
+ 34 988 470 591- Fax. + 34 988 470 591
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