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Winery Terra do Castelo  

The Terra Warehouse do Castelo gathers the production of 104 partners, owners of approximately 200 hectares of vineyards. Their objectives are to combine the Earth knowledge, with the existing highest technology at the present time. The facilities are designed with intentionality of future, having lodged the best ready technology in the most effective surroundings, fusing native stone, wood and elements. Its architecture has caught from the first moment the tradition of the region and it has transferred it to the nears space, so that still within, always it remains the sensation to be in surroundings of our history. The most modern technology of the cold and the stainless steel, the controlled fermentations and a long etc.
Terra do Castelo.TREIXADURA.
Fruit of the selection of our better grapes of the variety treixadura, is born this wine of strong varietal personality, balance, corpóreo and length. Ideal companion of all the traditional kitchen.
Terra do Castelo.SELECCIÓN.
Of the best grapevines of our vineyards, after a rigorous pursuit and strict control of the production, the obtained grape is put under maceration in cold, and single from the must of resulting flower, conducts the fermentation to very low temperature to obtain a wine of greater expresividad, to which a personality is conferred unmistakable after raising it on its fine lias.
Tera do Castelo.MENCÍA.
Fruit of the careful selection and applying the most modern techniques of elaboration is born this wine of spirit cheers and amiable. Ideal companion of all the traditional kitchen.

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