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The Nautical Club School of Vela
This is located roughly 20 minutes from the town of Ourense and five from Ribadavia, is on Alejandro Ferrer Avenue.
Based on the tranquil waters of the Miño river and with a gentle wind, it is a great place to practice many water sports.
You can choose between beginners’ tutorials or more advanced lessons in light sailing, windsurfing and kayaking, organising jointly by the Nautical Club and the ‘Federación Gallega de Vela’. The tutorials for both sailing and windsurfing use boats and boards from the school. Although more advanced classes have individual boats for sailing and windsurfing, there are doubles for novices.
Don’t worry, as the Kayaks are of the unsinkable sort!. All the activities are fully supervised by qualified instructors.The prices for both beginner and advanced lessons for one week are €36.06 with a partner and €45.07 for individuals, with prices for the license €12.02 (valid for later courses). Thee are classes available from Monday to Friday for a duration of 20 hours, from 4.30-8.30pm. More information is available from the club´s website.


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