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The Tavern of "The Papuxa"
“The Papuxa" is a very typical tavern in Ribadavia situated in the ´Puerta Nueva´ (Big Gate), known inside and outside of Galicia.
There is a variety of dishes to eat, such as the local sausage, as well as the many hams and wines of Ribadavia.
On occasion the clients are allowed to visit and enjoy the cellar and you can eat outside, where there is a sunroof and in the summer is like paradise.
papuxa in people drinking wine into the papuxa
The tavern’s motto is that ‘Here nobody controls nobody, and everybody behaves with good faith. If you want to deceive, you are free to do it, although it will be on your conscience’.
Celsa Davila

There is a popular rumour that below there is tunnel from the cellar that goes to both the Avia and Miño rivers, and that in the olden days when the Catholic kings expelled the town’s Jewish inhabitants, some used the tunnel to escape capture.
It was founded in the 1918. In this tavern you may enjoy both specialities and singing, especially when pleasantly intoxicated by the wine.
We recommend that you find a comfy leather sofa to while away the hours.
There are wooden beams with the pleasant lighting. The half-opened doors invites the visitors to the medieval world and it is this that makes the tavern special.


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