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"Tahona Herminia"

This is another typical medieval place in Ribadavia and one that you cannot miss. The guided tours that are arranged by the office of tourism always make a small stop here.
This shop sells the products of local artisans and is dedicated especially to “Dulce Hebreo” (Jewish sweets). Inside there are endless sweets, which leave the mouth watering!

For example:
‘Bocadiños de Améndoas’, which contain almonds and cinnamon.
‘Bocadiños de dátiles’, whose basic ingredients are dates, various nuts and sugar.
‘Mamul’, which consists of dried fruit, poppy petals and orange blossom.
There is no doubt that you will want to ask the owner how does he make such elaborate sweets! In the inside of the shop, there is an oven which runs on firewood as well as the many ingredients and endless photographs, posters, baskets and preparation utensils.
This is a very photographic place of Ribadavia, located in what was once the Jewish neighbourhood.



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