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The Church of St Mary Magdalene
Although this church is officially dated from the XII century, some says that its origins are from before even then.
It was previously known by the title of St Ginés and its first incarnation was as a cowshed inside the Castle of Sarmiento.
In the XIV century it was enlarged to become a fortification when Pedro Ruíz Sarmiento was to take up residency.
During the majority of the medieval period the church was a dependent of the Monastery of Celanova and was an important factor is the Christianisation of the local Jews during and after the reign of Ferdinand and Isabella.
It was in 1486 that its name was changed to the Church of St Mary Magdalene.
Although a church, it is now reserved for recreational activities and you are able to come and view the church, with its nave of Baroque design and other highlights such as its vault and an artistically designed alter.
The church was partially renovated in the XVIII century when the exterior was restored
and the facade washed. Later, electricity was installed in the interior.
Of the recreational activities that now take place, there are activities of the Festival of History and photography and art exhibitions.
It is also used regularly by the town’s children for their recreational clubs and activities.


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