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Convent and Church of St Francis

The church and convent of St Francis are situated on the left-hand side of the River Avia, across from the main town of Ribadavia.

According to some it was around in old Ribadavia, which was then called by its ancient name ‘Rippa Avie’, and was an early parish in the time of Garcia I, the King of Galicia at the time.

The convent was situated in Santa Marta, in a deserted and lonely place above the River Miño. It is now a college of arts for secondary education, which previously was very religious though is now much more secular.

There are currently 60 or 70 religious people in cloisters, from many different nationalities. The church has been very well preserved and the main alter recently restored. Since October 2003 the convent also houses nuns.

The church of St Francis consists of three large naves, all vaulted.
It is a beautiful temple and after St Dominic’s is the biggest and arguably the most beautiful in the area of Ribadavia.


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