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The Church of St Mary of Oliveira
This parish was established in the reign of Abad D. García 1, in the year 1137, and housed the monastery of Osera from 1164. It is created in the Romantic style.

There is a cemetery in the atrium, which still exists to this day and was used as a burial place until 1855 when the municipal cemetery was established in the centre of Ribadavia.

In the parochial building, whose primitive factory has not been conserved, there is an apse and main chantry where, according to the historian Sr. Murguía, ‘you can find buried people under the floor, covered by tubular tombstones’.
On the inside there is also a covered chancel with dome from the renaissance period and a nave with a ceiling of wood.

On top of the main door there is a simple rosette design and in front a large atrium. It also has a worthy cross in its entrance.


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