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The Church of Santiago
This is a building from the Romantic period, with transition to Gothic. It is on the western margins of Ribadavia. It was the first parish church to exist in Ribadavia and was called the ‘womb of the town’ being older than its peers as the parish can be dated to the 12th century.
It is a rectangular shape with one nave and is covered with a wooden roof.
At the right part of the façade is the bell tower. Other highlights are the doors and windows, with superb artistic decoration and an arch of rosettes with 24 recesses. On the outside there are also canvases and some lovely circular apses.
The tower of the Church of Santiago is on the right-hand side of the main door and was fixed in the XVI century.

There are similar ones at St John’s and St Mary of Oliveira’s churches.
The belfry’s design also involves rosettes, formed with a combination of three triangles for each one and is a very effective design.

The church is located on the road of the same name, which also has the famous ethnological museum.





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