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The Church of St John
Built at the end of the XVII century, this is a building of the Romantic period. It was donated in 1276 and 1294 with a clause compelling the clerics and monks of St John to build a hospital in Ribadavia.

These generous gentlemen from St John, Jerusalem, Rhodes and Malta, it was founded with both church and hospital sections.

The order established a hospital to attend to the city’s many pilgrims that at this time were on the way to visit the apostle of Santiago, as well as protecting and providing guidance during their journeys.
The monastic life of the order also included a military element as they also believed themselves to be also defenders of the faith.
At the front of the church there is a door with three columns stationed on each side, with figures and monsters decorated on their surfaces. To lighten the nave and the wooden ceiling, there are four beautiful windows preserved.
The church has one apse and vault, the design which expressing the intelligence of the church’s creator. The priests’ house which you can see has a cross with 8 carved points – the symbol of the Order – and is connected to the church from the back.




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