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The Church and Convent of St Dominic

St Dominic’s convent in Ribadavia is reputed to be the oldest order in Galicia, with a beautiful and spacious church. It is built in a gothic style and has many similarities with famous alters at Pontevedra and of the Portuguese town of Camiña. It receives enthusiastic praise from all visitors of the region.
The church is built in a pointed style, with Romantic details.
There are three big naves, finished with three beautiful chantries with apses, and the walls are almond-shaped with gothic windows. There are slender columns with beautiful capitals, splendidly covered with animal and plant decorations as well as various other creatures. The main column is arranged so that it aims towards the centre of the church and its central point supports the wooden roof.
The central apse or main chantry have five sides and two windows. The lateral apses are also adorned with beautiful columns with matching designs and have three windows each.
It is noteworthy that the gospel alter is made of perfectly carved stone with beautiful patterns that capture the attention of any observer.
The main door, kept permanently shut, is from 1903 and is in gothic style.

On the door you can see three coats of arms, the central being the Royal Coat of Castile and Leon, on one side of the Count of Ribadavia and the last of Obispo Friar Alfonso of Cusanca, who was a former prior of this convent.
Finishing the front is a beautiful cross with a lamb at its base, below a rosette window.
This church is used on Sundays and also for funerals.







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