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The Church of St Ginés
This small jewel of Galician architecture it situated in the fertile area of the Valparaíso, where in the final decades of the IX and X centuries there existed a colony of Benedictine monks who soon passed onto the Convent of Celanova.
It is a very interesting building and was deemed a historical monument in 1951.
It is with regret that the church has suffered numerous transformations, in the XVIII century especially, although even today it still retains distinct elements of its primitive state such as its horseshoe shaped arch, a beautiful lattice and a further arch with window.
Both sides of the arch entrance have a path representing the ‘the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem’ and ´the flight form Egypt.’
campanario igrexa de san xes de francelos  ribadavia
This church is very small with has its own unique character and is situated 2 kilometres from Ribadavia in an area called Francelos, one of the many little villages that surround Ribadavia, the capital of Ribeiro.

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