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The Chapel of the Virgin the Portal
The church dedicated to the virgin, headed of Ribadavia and of Ribeiro, was promoted by the Dominican monks, whose convent was situated near to this beautiful sanctuary.

The temple was constructed in three clear stages, from the XVII – XIX centuries, in successive expansions conducted primarily by renowned architects Diego de Guemez and Juan Martínez Pita.

Outside there is neoclassic design dating from 1875, while inside there is an overhanging volt from the Baroque period made in Cyprus in the year 1737 and a central body with a lovely image of the Virgin of Portal, who is passionately revered every year in a procession on 8 September by a multitude of townsfolk.

During the week of the procession there is a fiesta with many forms of celebration, including music and feasting, though this celebration of the virgin in Ribadavia is an important religious celebration.


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