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The municipality of Arnoia
Located on both sides of the River Arnoya, this is the capital of the Outeiro Cruz.
Its highlight is the church of San Salvador, founded in the year 1602 and its altarpiece which is a popular construction and an excellent work of carpentry.
Overlooking the church is a beautiful window of the Romantic period.
The township accounts with diverse chapels, such as San Roque and San Vicente from the eighteenth century.
There is also a house of the inquisition, where worked the zealous armies of the inquisition, the house of the ´Valdes of Outeiro Cruz´, with the shield of the armada, and the famous clock tower, situated in San Roque, from the XX century.
There is a thermal health spa in a complex health resort with hotel and restaurant with traditional kitchen.
The health spa is gifted with modern facilities which provide many anti-stress procedures.
It is surrounded by beautiful scenery, with woodland and water. Regarding the festivals, we have to mention the ´Festival of the Pepper´ whose reputation has grown greatly in its 80 year existence.
In this festival you can taste the pepper, prepared in many forms, on chips, on tortillas, and in many other tasty dishes.


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