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The municipality of Beade

This is a very small, pretty neighbourhood in the Ourense province with an area of approximately 6,43 km2.

It has two parishes, Beade and Regadas. Beade has an almost accidental topology, quite level before going inside the valley and down to the river Avia, which borders the township.

This river, together with the Signades stream, flows to the middle and marks the limits of the Carballeda of Avia, irrigating the area. The climate contains the same characteristics, with heat and dryness in the valley.

Religious buildings are very important in Beade, such as the parish church which contains the archaeological remains from the Romantic period.
The Renaissance and Baroque periods are also evident, with highlights in the church including the tower, double balcony and altarpiece.
Inside we can observe various altarpieces from Francis de Moure. The priestly house is built in Gothic style.

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