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The municipality of Leiro
claustro san clodio This municipality is situated at the heart of Ribeiro, 10km from Ribadavia and near to the Carballiño.
It comprises nine parishes: Leiro, Gomaríz, Bieite, Serantes, San Clodio, Orega, Lebosende, Lams and Berán (where you can taste the best liquor coffee in the province, buy elaborate handicrafts and participate in the famous fiesta celebrated in its honour on the 29 October).
Besides these you can enjoy the good thermal baths, as the sulphuric acid contains healing properties for the skin and is especially recommended for the psoriasis.
There is an opening limit of three weeks in festival periods. Leiro has first class camping facilities, with a cafeteria an restaurant.
claustro de san clodio leiro
You will also enjoy the river beach and the recreational area, through which flows the river Avia, also famous for its pendent bridge which you must pass to access the campsite. Inside there is much sloping architecture which you cannot fully enjoy without visiting the famous Monastery of St Clodio, which was declared a Monument of Artistic National History, together with the medieval door constructed at the end of the fifteenth iglesia de san clodio leiro
iglesia de veran
puente romano de san clodio en leirocentury and repaired in the eighteenth century, in gothic style, with its central point an interesting stone cross.
The monastery is still conserved as a church. In the exterior the highlight is baroque-style façade. Furthermore, we must visit the church in the style of the Romantic in Gomaríz with nave and rectangular apse, and the church in the same style of St Tomé of Serantes, with a façade of ornamental riches and an interior conserved with a beautiful gothic canopy.





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