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The Municipality of Carballeda of Avia

Situated on the right-hand bank of the River Avia and at high altitude, it is a famous stone Bolos of great size (including 8 parishes: San Miguel de Carballeda, San Andrés de Albelenda das Penas, San Martiño De Balde, San Pedro de Beiro, San Cosme de Faramontaos, San Julian de Muimenta, San Estevo de Novoa and Santa Maria de Villar de Condes.
The average annual temperature is 14 degrees. Rainfall is between 800 and 1000 litres per square metre.

Regarding its architecture, we can highlight the church from the Romantic period in Muimenta and the church of Abelenda de Penas, which was related to the Knights of the Templar with origins from the Romantic period.

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