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The municipality of Cortegada
The real name is in fact Cortegada of baños (bathes), as it has many private spa resorts. This town is right on the border of Spain, with Portugal only 10km away, immersed in lovely vegetation and marshes from the river Miño at the south of the Ribeiro province.
It possesses the gently meandering River Miño, which provides a wonderful view from higher areas.
Regarding the notable buildings, in the village of Meréns
there is the house of the Count Simon, which houses the biggest heraldic shield in Galicia. In St Benito of Rabiño, we can visit the sanctuary of his name, famous for the curing warts.
It is old fashioned and dates from the eighteenth century, decorated with diverse holy and arts from Trinidad.
Its highlight is the central tower. Other areas of interest are the church of Valongo, the parish church of San Martiño and the Roman Military base in Zaparín.
Cortegada has thermal baths from above the Miño, heated by the sulfur for the treatment of liver problems, respiratory problems, genetic urinary problems, gastronomic problems, and skin problems. It is also traditionally famous for the aiding the fertility of women.



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