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The municipality of Cenlle

The capital of the municipality is Xuvín and it contains ten parishes: Barbantes, Cenlle, Esposende, Layas, Osmo, Pena, Razomonde, Sadurnín, Trasaríz and Villar of the King.
It is situated between the Miño and Avia rivers.
Among its artistic inheritance we can find the stone cross with “pousadoiro” that is a symbol and the XVIII century romantic church of Osmo.
An important sanctuary in the township of the Benito Cuñas. In the Romantic-style Razamonde church, the altarpiece from the XVI century and door from the XIII have been preserved.

Many visitors like to frequent the recently opened spa in the municipality of Layas, placed close to Miño river where you can observe the river meandering peacefully through the county of Ribeiro.


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