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The municipality of Castrelo de Miño
frontal iglesia de castrelo de miño This municipality was known in the middle ages as “Castrum Minei”. It contains six parishes: Vide, Ponte Castrelo, Prado, Astariz, Castrelo de Miño and Macendo. Its municipal capital is Barral.
Inside there are many attractive monuments, including the church of St Marie of Castrelo built in the Romantic style as well as the church of Prado de Miño and the baroque of Astariz.
Amongst the civil architecture we must also mention the house of ´the Capela´ in Barral and the tower de Vide.
This municipal has a recreational area of great interest, ‘The Colo of Novelle’, from where we can see both Cavadiña and Ourense and even the mountains of Portugal. This municipality also contains the Nautical Club, which is very popular in Galicia.

This complex is a sailing and water sports school with windsurfing, motorboats, swimming pool, and football, tennis and basketball camp facilities.
It is on the side of a reservoir in the municipality.
Of the festivals that deserve attention there is the ‘Festival of the Anguila’, a festival which is growing little-by-little, with more public interest year after year.
During this festival we can quench our thirsts with some great wines from the local vineyards.




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